Kim is one gutsy gal! She loves to ride motorcycles. After years of riding as a passenger, before spring had even sprung, she bought a Harley Davidson FreeWheeler. One might say that was no big feat as women are buying motorcycles now more than ever before. There was this one thing, Kim had never driven a manual transmission, she had never been behind the handlebars as a driver.
She bought that bike without a motorcycle license. Though there were things she didn’t have, what she did have was the courage and determination to learn how to to ride and nothing was going to keep her from it.

It’s summer now and Kim is the first one to say “Let’s go for a ride.” She enrolled in a a motorcycle safety class for three wheel bikes, she practiced until her hand ached from the clutch and then kept practicing. She studied for the written test and now proudly has that motorcycle endorsement on her driver’s license. She joined the ranks of women riders.

I was honored to be her driver to the DMV on a beautiful spring afternoon. And, was so proud of her when she passed the written and road test with perfect scores!

If you have that little voice inside you that whispers “let’s get a bike and ride” just remember Kim.

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