Like waiting for a a Secret Decoder Ring

Every Christmas season I watch A Christmas Story featuring Ralphie and his quest to get the ultimate Christmas gift of an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle  for his Christmas present. In the story, he consumes a large quantity of Ovaltine in order to receive the coveted Little Orphan Annie Secret Society Decoder Ring. After a long wait, he receives his prize only to be disheartened upon decoding the secret message. Spoiler alert! The secret message was “Drink more Ovaltine”.

My excitement was comparable to that of Ralphie’s.  Only I was not disappointed. In mid-June 2015, I rode to New Jersey to meet a special someone just to get her signature as a sponsor so I could join the Motor Maids. A few weeks after that, I received my membership card and other goodies in my welcome packet. You can see my joy in the photo!

Are you a little curious of who the person is I would ride from Tennessee to New Jersey to get a form signed? Gloria Struck is who! Gloria is one of those very special souls. She was an early member of the Motor Maids joining when she was 21 years old in 1946. Gloria is an inductee in the Sturgis Hall of Fame and the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. When I met her in New Jersey, she pointed her finger at me and matter-of-factly said, “You must be crazy to ride all the way up here to meet me!”

Gloria Struck

I didn’t think I was crazy at all. Gloria is a pure joy to meet and hang out with. Since first meeting her, I have been blessed to listen to her stories and spend some time with her creating memories that I cherish.

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