Traveler, Angie’s Story

When Angie was a little girl, she would spend weekends at her grandmother Pope’s,  where her cousin Mike rode his Honda motorcycle.  This is where Angie experienced her first riding adventures, across the fields through every cow patty her cousin could find.  Riding through the fields, she never thought about wanting a motorcycle of her own. In Junior High, Angie and her sister shared a moped.  Her sister and her best friend wrecked it when they hit some loose gravel, ending Angie’s relationship with the moped.  Just a few years later on a Friday night driving up and down the strip in her hometown, someone ran a red light hitting her cousin on his Honda, and he nearly lost his leg. This was when Angie sternly decided, “I will never get on another one of things.” 

Angie’s early introductions with motorcycles might not have been the best. Then, in the early 1990’s, she met Jack.  We probably all have experienced what remarkable changes love can bring to our lives and they wed in 1996.  Sometime in 2004, Jack decides he is going to go look at motorcycles and do I even have to say what Angie’s reply was?  I’m going to anyway, Angie firmly said “No, I don’t think so.” This is a conversation that many a couple have had over motorcycles.  Just about a week later, Jack called Angie just to let her know that “we gotta to find you a helmet.” Jack had purchased a 2004 Harley-Davidson 1200 Sportster.  Needless to say, riding double on Jack’s new Sportster wasn’t the highest level of comfort and Angie decided that her place would be riding her own motorcycle. 

Here is the one of the many great parts of Angie’s story.  She is riding on a bus to Florida with her church youth group and the AC went out on the bus.  They stop at a roadside market to get some drinks and cool off.  Along with Angie’s cool beverage, she picked up a copy of Wheels and Deals and read it on the way home.  Angie found her first bike during that trip to Florida. She purchased “Little Blue” from a couple that lived near Atlanta.  They were selling the beautiful aqua and birch white 1200 Sportster XL Custom because they were leaving to be missionaries. (Coincidence? Church trip and missionaries? Angie doesn’t think so.) 

Angie and Little Blue

Little Blue was the bike Angie was riding when she joined the Motor Maids in March, 2007. After joining, she decided something a bit bigger would be great for her longer trips.  This was the year that her Softail joined the family.  She put a trunk and bags on it and they rode to Columbus, Indiana to meet the Motor Maids the following summer.  But first,  Jack had a plan for Angie.  They rode their Sportsters everywhere.  When she bought the Softail, Jack had her, as Angie puts it “on every little dinky, curvy road he could find, I thought he was trying to kill me.”  Jack was building her confidence and perhaps his as well while Angie was proving to both of them she could really ride a bigger bike.  Let’s fast forward a bit now.  2010 brought Angie an Ultra Classic Limited she named the Black Pearl.  This was her first brand new bike and her initial reaction was “Oh, holy shit! What have I done?” But, that didn’t last long.  The Ultra was Angie’s “Cadillac”, she put a lowering kit on it and with her “Herman Munster boots” she could comfortably put her feet on the ground.  Herman Munster boots?  Yes, she took her boots to a cobbler and added some platform. This is a woman that loves to ride!  “Oh, holy shit” quickly changed to “Oh, good grief – this is so simple.”  Angie on the Black Pearl, along with Diane and Lynn had the trip of a lifetime going to Cody, Wyoming for the Motor Maids Convention. Angie and the Black Pearl had traveled over 100,000 miles when Angie traded for her for a 2017 Road Glide named “Traveler”.  

Angie’s Herman Munster Boots

When Angie decided she was going to ride her own motorcycle, she enrolled in a safety course at the local community college.    Looking back, she says “If you told me that I was going to be riding a motorcycle all these places I would have told you that is  crazy.”  She has ridden to all the states with the exception of Alaska. Yes, Hawaii as well when she rented a bike in Hawaii  visiting her son Andrew, who is in the Navy. What are Angie’s favorite parts of riding?  She enjoys riding through little bitty towns and the smells of someone cooking or washing clothes and finding the curviest roads along the way.    For new riders, Angie’s advice is “go do it”.  Don’t waste anytime and start on a motorcycle that fits you. TAKE THE SAFETY CLASS!

She is THANKFUL that Jack bought that Sportster many years ago and she still LOVES it when just the two of them get to ride even though she enjoys trips with her wind sisters. As you can probably imagine, Angie is an advocate for women riders. This past October, Angie and number of other ladies from Bumpus Harley-Davidson organized the 1st Women’s Rock Rally and let me tell you it was fantastic.  So, make plans to join her (and me) the first weekend in October,’ 2019 for the 2nd Annual Women’s Rock Rally in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  


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